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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Programs of Study (by Program Type)

Program Type Definitions    

Associate of Arts

A collegiate degree providing liberal arts curricula in university parallel and the pre-professional areas related to the baccalaureate degree. This is not generally a degree with a declared major but is a program of first- and second-year courses, which will generally transfer to a four-year college or university.

Associate of Arts in Teaching

A collegiate degree that will satisfy the lower division requirements for a bachelor’s degree leading to initial teacher certification.

Associate of Science

A collegiate degree related to the baccalaureate degree providing curricula in university parallel and pre-professional areas to students with a major in a science or a related discipline.

Associate of Applied Science

A degree in a workforce field designed for students who wish to begin a career after completing a program of study.


Field of Study

The Field of Study curricula, along with core curricula, are intended to facilitate transferability of courses among Texas public colleges and universities. All public four-year institutions are required to accept Coordinating Board approved Field of Study courses in fulfillment of lower-division requirements for bachelor’s degrees in majors that correspond to the Field of Study.

Occupational Skills Award

9 to 14 semester credit hours

Level 1 Certificate

15 to 42 semester credit hours, exempt from TSI requirements

Level 2 Certificate

30 to 51 semester credit hours, subject to TSI requirements

Enhanced Skills Certificate

6 to 12 semester credit hours

The enhanced skills certificate is attached to an associate degree that provides a student with the skills beyond career entry as identified by business and industry.

Advanced Technical Certificate

16 to 45 semester credit hours, subject to special admission

The advanced technical certificate has a specific associate or baccaulaureate degree (or, in some circumstances, junior-level standing in a baccalaurette degree program) as a prerequsite for admission, and is focused and clearly related to the prerequisite degree.