Jun 01, 2023  
2022-2024 Continuing Education Catalog 
2022-2024 Continuing Education Catalog

Tuition Assistance

Students enrolled in continuing education courses may apply for financial aid to help pay for tuition. Tuition assistance is available through various grants, scholarships and payment plan.


Tarrant County College (TCC) offers the following grant opportunities for eligible continuing education students.

  • Texas Public Educational Grant (TPEG)
    TPEG is an institutional program available to eligible continuing education students. Continuing education TPEG awards can be used for tuition only and does not need to be paid back. Grant awards vary based on the continuing education program of study. Students must complete and submit a continuing education TPEG application to apply for funding. A student must successfully complete 50% of the enrolled courses with a grade of “CR” to maintain eligibility for the next academic year. Academic progress is evaluated annually in August.

       To be eligible for this grant the student must:

  1. Have demonstrated financial need (based on the student’s expected family contribution and calculated from the Continuing Education Financial Aid Application and tax documents); and
  2. Be enrolled in a state-funded continuing education workforce course.

       To apply for TPEG tuition assistance:

  1. Complete the TCC online Continuing Education Non-Credit Admissions application.

  2. Register for continuing education classes through MyTCCTrack.

  3. Complete the Continuing Education Financial Aid Application and return to the Student Financial Aid Services Office. Provide signed copies of appropriate tax returns and other documents as requested.

  4. Approximately 2 to 4 weeks after TCC has received your application, you will be mailed an award letter detailing your eligibility for aid. Please make sure your home address and telephone number is up to date with the Admissions and Registrar Office.

  • Community Action Partners (CAP Works)
    CAP Works is a state-funded grant program that provides tuition assistance for short-term training certifications to students who live in Tarrant County and who meet income qualifications. While taking classes or are in training, this program can also provide wraparound services, such as rental and utility assistance (depending on available funding). For more information about CAP Works and to obtain an application, visit Fort Worth Community Action Partners.

  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Funding (WIOA)
    Some training programs are approved through WIOA. Students who meet the eligibility and income requirements may qualify to receive tuition to pay for continuing education courses offered at TCC. WIOA is administered through the Tarrant County Workforce Centers. For additional information on WIOA funding, please contact Workforce Solutions of Tarrant County.


The TCC Foundation administers scholarships designated for continuing education students. To be eligible to apply for these scholarships, students must be working toward a continuing education certificate of completion and be taking quarterly continuing education courses.

Eligible students may apply for the following TCC Foundation scholarships: