Apr 06, 2020  
2019-2020 Continuing Education Non-Credit Catalog 
2019-2020 Continuing Education Non-Credit Catalog

Tuition and Fees

Continuing education course tuition and fees vary depending on the course and are subject to change without notice. Tuition for continuing education courses is based on anticipated cost. Tarrant County College (TCC) reserves the right to cancel any course section in which there is an inadequate number of enrollees.

Payment Deadlines

Tuition payment for continuing education courses is due on the same day as registration. Failure to pay tuition or to make payment arrangements by the deadline may result in students being dropped from their course(s). Students should not assume that a course will be automatically dropped for non-payment. Students are responsible for dropping any course they do not wish to be enrolled in.

Student Account Center

The Student Account Center is a student financial system designed to help students better manage their student account activity. Some of the features include payments by Automated Clearing House (ACH) or debit/credit card, payment plan enrollments, storing payment methods, or assigning authorized users. Students may access the Student Account Center through WebAdvisor by selecting the Student Account Center link under the Business Services heading. Refer to the TCC website for the most current information.

Payment Methods

Continuing education students have several payment methods available to pay for courses. Additional information for the following payment methods is available on the TCC website.

  • Online through the Student Account Center (credit card, payment plan, ACH)
  • In-Person (credit/debit card, cash, money order or cashier’s check, check, or third-party sponsor)
  • Other (financial aid, VA benefits, tuition waivers or exemptions)

Returned Payments

A Returned Payment (chargeback) is the result of a dishonored or disputed check, ACH, or credit/debit card transaction. Returned Payments must be paid within 10 days of return notification. Students will be notified through their TCC email address and/or U.S. mail. If the Returned Payment balance and $25 Returned Payment fee are not paid within 10 days or by the current term census date (whichever comes first), the student may be dropped from all current term courses and blocked from future registrations. Returned Payments may result in restrictions on future payments by check, ACH, and credit/debit card, as well as loss of payment plan privileges.

NOTICE: DELINQUENT INSTALLMENT CONTRACTS, UNPAID RETURNED PAYMENTS, OUTSTANDING MISCELLANEOUS CHARGES, AND FINANCIAL AID ADJUSTMENTS WILL BE SENT TO A THIRD-PARTY AGENCY FOR COLLECTION. THE STUDENT MAY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY COLLECTION AGENCY FEES INCURRED FROM THE ADDITIONAL COLLECTION EFFORTS.  A student who fails to make full payment prior to the end of the semester or term/quarter will be prohibited from registering for future classes until full payment is made. Failure to make full payment prior to the end of the term/quarter may result in transcript denial.

Formal Means of Communication

TCC Business Services sends notices through the TCC email address as the formal means of communication.

Refund Policy

Students officially dropping from a continuing education course are eligible for a refund according to the following Refund Schedule:

  -  The course is canceled by the College 100%
  -  The student drops on/or before midnight of the 1st day of class 100%
  -  The student drops before midnight of the 2nd business day following the 1st day of class 80%
  -  The student drops after 2nd business day following the 1st day of class 0%
  • Based upon the Refund Schedule, credit balances are automatically reflected on the student’s account upon withdrawal or course cancellation.
  • Refunds will be made to the debit/credit card used for payment if the refund is processed within 180 days from the original date of payment.
  • Refunds for cash, check, ACH, or debit/credit card after 180 days of the original payment, will be processed using the student’s preferred refund method selected with the contracted third-party refunding company. Refer to the Refund Selection section below for additional information. Students ages 15 years and under, or 55 years and older, will receive a refund by check.
  • A refund may take up to six weeks to process.
  • Refunds are calculated/based on invoiced amounts, not payments made.

Refund Selection

Students between the ages of 16-54, who are eligible for financial aid or have registered for classes, will receive a refund selection kit from a contracted third-party contracted company. In addition to the refund selection kit, students will receive an email containing a personal code. Students are provided with instructions on choosing their preferred refund method for future financial aid or course refunds. If a refund selection kit is not received, visit the Refunds web page for additional information.

Form 1098-T

Due to IRS guidelines, Continuing Education (CE) tuition payments are not included on the Form 1098-T. Contact your tax advisor for further guidance.

Age 65 and Older Tuition Exemption

Texas residents age 65 and older may be exempt from payment of tuition for approved continuing education courses or up to six hours per semester if auditing undergraduate. Audit registration begins three business days before the start of a continuing education class and must be requested in person. Classes may be audited only on a space-available basis. Tuition exemption for continuing education courses require department approval. Senior Education Program classes are not eligible for this exemption.