Mar 25, 2023  
2022-2024 Catalog 
2022-2024 Catalog


Each TCC campus has a CARE Team. CARE Teams comprise a cross-section of the campus community including Academic Affairs, Advising and Counseling, Student Accessibility Resources, Campus Police, Student Conduct and Prevention Education, and Student Affairs, who provide consultation and support for students in distress or those who pose a threat to themselves and/or others.

CARE Team functions include Consultation, Assessment, Resources, and Education.

  • Consultation - Assess concerns regarding the safety and well-being of students by drawing upon professional experience within the campus community.
  • Assessment - Determine referred student’s need for emotional, psychological, or physical support and refer to appropriate resources.
  • Resources - Identify campus and community resources for students.
  • Education - Provide professional development and training opportunities for faculty and staff. Promote proactive workshops for students such as stress management and conflict resolution.

To make a referral, complete the online Incident Reporting Form.

In case of emergency, call 817-515-8911.

For more information, visit CARE Team and/or contact any of the campus CARE Teams.