Mar 25, 2023  
2022-2024 Catalog 
2022-2024 Catalog

Catalog Addenda

2022-2024 Catalog Addenda

Last updated March 24, 2023


Spring 2023

03/24/2023 Course Updates: MATH 1314 MATH 1324 MATH 1332 , and MATH 1342  (revise course required prerequisite)
03/21/2023 Update to ESOL/ESL Placement Chart
03/10/2023 2023-2024 Student Handbook  has been published
03/10/2023 Program Update: Anesthesia Technology, AAS  (revise selective admission criteria)
03/01/2023 2023-2024 Academic Calendar  has been published
02/24/2023 Program Update for Fall 2023: New enrollment for Electronics Technology: Electronics and Telecommunication, AAS  will not be accepted - deactivation is pending approval from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools on Colleges (SACSCOC)
02/24/2023 Course Update: WIND 2459  (add required prerequisite)
02/24/2023 Course Updates: DNTA 1202  and DNTA 1245  (increase lab hours)
02/20/2023 New Course: HIST 2382  (add new course to align with existing course design) 
02/20/2023 Program Update for Fall 2023: Basic Peace Officer Certification  (increase total certificate hours 18 to 24; add new courses CJLE 1429  and CJLE 1524 ; delete courses CJLE 1111 and CLJE 2247)
02/09/2023 Program Update: add House Bill 1508 Licensing Requirements  notice to each applicable program
01/27/2023 Program Update: Associate of Arts in Teaching: Grades 8-12 and Early Childhood through Grade 12 Other than Special Education  (add NW Campus location)
01/26/2023 Program Update: Associate of Arts in Teaching: Early Childhood through Grade 6  and Associate of Arts in Teaching: Grades 4-8 and Early Childhood through Grade 12 Special Education  (add NW Campus location and revise Life and Physical Science elective)
01/13/2023 Course Update: INRW 0114  (change required prerequisite)
01/03/2023 Update to TCCD Program Inventory List  (revise program and Classification of Instructional Programs [CIP] codes)
01/03/2023 Program Update: Radiologic Technology, AAS  (revise course sequence) 

Fall 2022

12/12/2022 Program Updates: Industrial Technician, AAS Industrial Technician I , and Industrial Technician II  (course deleted HART 1407 ; course added HART 1401 ; and revised course sequence)
12/09/2022 Program Updates: Construction Management Technology, AAS Construction Inspection Technician , and Construction Management Technology  (courses deleted SRVY 1301  and CNBT 2337 ; courses added CNBT 1302  and ARCH 1315 ; and revise course sequence)
12/09/2022 Course Updates: AUMT 2388 CDEC 2386 , and SLNG 2288  (lecture hours/lab hours) per Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board [THECB] internship requirements
12/09/2022 Program Update: Basic Firefighter Certification  (new CIP code per Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board)
11/29/2022 New Program Approved: Patient Care Technician Level 1 Certificate  (available Spring 2023)
11/08/2022 Update to Academic Information-Course Load to align with board policy
11/08/2022 Course Update: RNSG 1443  (corrected prerequisites)
11/02/2022 Course Update: AUMT 2311  (corrected prerequisites)
11/02/2022 Program Update: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management I  (corrected locations offering the program)
10/19/2022 Update to Programs  pending deactivation approval from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) - approval received, effective September 1, 2022
10/17/2022 Update to Projected Helicopter Flight Costs (price increase due to new vendor contract)
10/05/2022 Update to the Right to an Academic Fresh Start process
10/05/2022 Course Update: HIST 2381  (course title)
10/04/2022 Update to Tuition and Fees  to reflect transcript price increase, effective October 1, 2022
09/30/2022 Update to Texas Success Initiative Assessment placement charts for Math (due to the deactivation of MATH 01111) and ELLP/ESOL/ESL
08/15/2022 Update to the Academic Information-Academic Standing  process
08/01/2022 Update to the Academic Information-Grade Review and Change of Grade process
07/21/2022 Course Update: MATH 0214  and MATH 0224  (course description and required prerequisite)
07/21/2022 Courses deactivated - no longer offered:  MATH 0362  MATH 0361  MATH 0111