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2022-2024 Catalog 
2022-2024 Catalog

Associate of Arts in Teaching: Grades 8-12 and Early Childhood through Grade 12 Other than Special Education

Location(s): Northeast Campus, Northwest Campus, South Campus

Associate of Arts in Teaching

Human & Public Service Pathway
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Program Requirements

First Year

Spring Term

Second Year

Fall Term

Spring Term

Total Degree Hours: 60

* Mathematics; Creative Arts; Language, Culture and Philosophy; Social and Behavioral Science; and Life and Physical Sciences electives must be chosen from the corresponding section of the Core Curriculum .

** Academic Elective/Teaching Field Elective must be chosen after consultation with advisor or Education Program Coordinator/Department Chair.

A grade of C or better is required for all Education, Speech, and English courses. A grade point average of 2.75 is required for graduation at TCC. Check with the transferring institution for GPA requirements.

Licensing Notice: Texas House Bill 1508

This program prepares a student for an occupational license. However, the student may not be eligible for licensing if they have a prior criminal history. For more details, see House Bill 1508 Licensing Requirements .