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2022-2024 Catalog 
2022-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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RNSG 1413 - Foundations for Nursing Practice

Semester Hours: 4 | Lecture Hours: 4 | Laboratory Hours: 0
Introduction to the role of the professional nurse as provider of patient-centered care, patient safety advocate, member of health care team, and member of the profession. Content includes fundamental concepts of nursing practice, history of professional nursing, clinical reasoning processes and clinical judgment. Emphasis on knowledge, judgment, skills and professional values within a legal/ethical framework. This course lends itself to a blocked approach. Focus is on holistic human needs. Associate degree nurse role assimilation is facilitated through the development of identified major concepts. Credit by Examination is available for Fast Track Option. Enrollment requires official acceptance into the Nursing Program.
Required Prerequisite(s): BIOL 2401 , BIOL 2402 , BIOL 2420 , and TSI Math placement score
Required Corequisite(s): RNSG 1105  and RNSG 1360   (if it is the second attempt at passing this course, then the co-requisite may be waived)

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