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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Access to Online Services

Access to registration and all other online services is secured by each student’s User ID and self-assigned TCC password. Registration and other services are available through WebAdvisor at myTCC.

Auditing a Course

Students who have been admitted to the College may audit courses on a space-available basis. Audit registration is permitted only after registration has ended and before the class begins. No college credit is awarded for audited courses. Students who already have credit for a course must comply with the College’s policy on repetition of courses. The cost for auditing courses is the same as registration for credit. Senior citizens (persons 65 years of age or older) are permitted to audit credit and continuing education courses without payment of tuition (unless enrolled in Senior Education Program).

Audit students must meet the same prerequisites to enroll in a course as a credit student. However, they are not required to take examinations and no grades are assigned. Audit students are required to conform to the same conduct in the classroom and on campus as credit students.

Students already registered for credit may not change from credit to audit status during audit registration or at any time during the session. Students registered for audit may not change their enrollment to credit status during or following audit registration.

First Time in College Students (FTIC)

To ensure a student’s success, students must complete the following steps prior to enrollment:

  1. Complete an application for admission
  2. Submit paperwork required by the Admissions and Registrar Office
  3. Attend New Student Group Advisement
  4. Participate in the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA), if necessary
  5. Complete the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment, if necessary
  6. Meet with an academic advisor
  7. Register for classes, including New Student Orientation.

All FTIC students are required to meet with an advisor two times during their first semester.


Current students and applicants who have completed admission processing are eligible to register. Students are encouraged to use online services for registration and tuition/fee payment.

  • The College offers many services through its web portal to the student information system, WebAdvisor. WebAdvisor is available to students wherever they have a device and an Internet connection. Internet access is provided at all campuses.
  • Accessing records through unauthorized User ID and password can result in disciplinary action.
  • Registration assistance is provided on each campus through the Admissions and Registrar office and Advising and Counseling Centers.
  • For optimum system performance, priority registration is offered for Fall and Spring terms. Students currently enrolled in the Fall term are eligible for priority in the following Spring term; students currently enrolled in the Spring term are eligible for priority in the following Fall. A date for priority registration is assigned based on the number of TCC hours a student has earned including developmental courses and prior learning assessment credits. No priority registration is offered for the Summer term.
  • Except for priority registration periods, all eligible students are allowed to register during scheduled registration periods. Registration for all sessions ends seven days prior to the start of classes for that session.
  • Students are encouraged to plan early for registration and make arrangements for payment before registration begins.