Jun 15, 2024  
2024-2026 Catalog 
2024-2026 Catalog

Child Care Administration

Location(s): Northeast Campus

Level 2 Certificate

Human & Public Service Pathway
Learn more about Child Development

Program Requirements

Total Certificate Hours: 39

Students must meet requirements of Texas Success Initiative (TSI) , including assessment prior to enrollment in any college-level coursework and any indicated developmental education or other strategy for achieving college readiness. 

The following courses require an annual background check:

TECA 1354 Child Growth and Development +  

TECA 1311 Educating Young Children +  

CDEC 1321 The Infant and Toddler  

TECA 1318 Wellness of the Young Child +  

CDEC 1419 Child Guidance  

CDEC 1413 Curriculum Resources for Early Childhood Programs  

TECA 1303 Families, School and Community +  

Licensing Notice: Texas House Bill 1508

This program prepares a student for an occupational license. However, the student may not be eligible for licensing if they have a prior criminal history. For more details, see House Bill 1508 Licensing Requirements.