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2024-2026 Catalog 
2024-2026 Catalog

Catalog Addenda

2024-2026 Catalog Addenda

Last updated June 26, 2024


The following catalog addenda reflects catalog updates since the official publication date of January 31, 2024. 


Fall 2024

Date Section Addenda Item
06/26/2024 Courses   Correction to lecture and lab hours for course AIRP 2151  
06/03/2024 Admission to TCC      International Admissions new unit name changed to International Student Admissions and Compliance, effective June 1, 2024
05/28/2024 Courses    Course Title Change: HALT 1313 - Horticultural Entomology  (previous title Economic Entomology)
05/07/2024 Programs of Study    Deactivated Programs: Electronics Technology: Engineering Technology, AAS, Electronics Engineering Technology, and Fundamentals of Electronics
05/06/2024 Core Curriculum    Core Curriculum Revisions: Removed courses CHEM 1407 PHYS 1405 PHYS 1407 FREN 2311 FREN 2312 GERM 2311 , and GERM 2312  from the TCCD Core Curriculum 
04/26/2024 Programs of Study    New Programs Approved: Healthcare Management, AAS Healthcare Management Specialist I , and Healthcare Management Specialist II   
04/16/2024 Programs of Study    New Programs Approved: History Field of Study  and Sociology Field of Study