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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Professional Pilot, AAS

Associate of Applied Science

Offered at Northwest Campus

Business & Industry Pathway
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Program Requirements

Total Degree Hours: 60

* Must choose the preferred course or a course from the corresponding section of the Core Curriculum : Mathematics (MATH 1314 ), Social/Behavioral Science (PSYC 2301 ) or Government/Political Science (GOVT 2305 ), Speech & Communication (SPCH 1315 ) and Creative Arts/Language, and Philosophy and Culture.

Airplane Specialty Track

Helicopter Specialty Track

AIRP 2250 - Instrument Flight    AIRP 2270 - Instrument Flight, Helicopter  
AIRP 1255 - Intermediate Flight   AIRP 1271 - Intermediate Flight, Helicopter  
AIRP 2239 - Commercial Flight   AIRP 2271 - Commercial Flight, Helicopter  
AIRP 2236 - Certified Flight Instructor-Flight   AIRP 2272 - Certified Flight Instructor–Helicopter  

Projected Flight Costs  

Selective Admission Criteria:

All flight courses are subject to FAA rules and regulations (CFR Title 14). Possession of current FAA medical certificate is required for all flight courses. All AIRP courses must be passed with a grade of “B” or higher.

All applicants to the Professional Pilot Program are required to attend an information session and the program orientation prior to application deadline and registration. Complete details regarding the Professional Pilot program can be found on the TCC website.

Application Criteria:

  • Students must be TSI compliant/Algebraic Pathway
  • Hold a TCCD Student Colleague Number
  • Hold an FAA Class 2 Medical Certificate
  • Have a current driver’s license or passport

Prior to application students with international college credits must contact International Admissions 817-515-1570.

TCC aviation programs are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration. Once admitted into the program students must obtain a minimum grade of “B” in all technical courses and meet mandatory attendance requirements.

Students should be aware that employment in aviation related fields may be subject to alcohol and drug screenings, and criminal background checks.

In addition the following are program requirements:

  • Student must meet requirements of Texas Success Initiative (TSI)  (Compliant) to enroll in program. 
  • Student must attend mandatory scheduled orientation session prior to enrollment.
  • Students must be released to register by department to enroll in any AIRP course.
  • Students must maintain minimum balance in student flight account to remain eligible for flight status.